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2 Factor Authentication – for Domains Panel

What is 2-Step Verification? 2-Step Verification is a security process in which you provide two means of identification. With 2-Step Verification enabled, you add an extra layer of security to your account. You will be required to sign in with your password and a code sent to your phone. How will 2-Step Verification affect the […]

FAQs – Moving from Personal Email to Business Emai

Q. What is happening on 15th May 2015 ? This is the day when all our personal mail packages (now migrated to business email) will reach its end of life. On 15th May 2015, the orders which have not been renewed after 15th April 2015, will expire and be in suspended state for 30 days. […]

Updates to Privacy Protect Service

Starting 6th of August, 2014, Our Registrar will be charging an annual fee of INR 249 for Privacy Protection on every domain name. For domain names that are already registered and use Privacy Protect service, no charge shall be levied till the domain name expires, or until the next renewal, whichever is earlier. At the […]

PHP Versions update on LINUXWALA Servers

Dear Valued Customer, We’re writing to inform you of an important change in your server’s default configuration that may affect your websites, including those of any of your resold accounts. We will be updating the default version of PHP on LINUXWALA servers We have attempted to automatically check the compatibility of your accounts. Please bear […]

Email Outage

Here is a broad time line and summary for this outage: At around 8:30 GMT on April 24thwe detected that one of the storage units which serves part of our email infrastructure became non-operational causing email services for a subset of our customers to not function. We immediately started a process of restoring access to […]

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