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What domain names Pepsi and others bought

Pepsi bought a domain name for one of its sodas and other end user domain purchases. Sedo reported $1.6 million worth of domain names sales for the week end ending January 19. Here are a dozen that involved end users, including Pepsi. You can see previous end user sales reports here. $17,950 – One […]

Computerworld – Brace yourself. The Internet is about to get a lot busier and more cluttered.

The Internet addresses that we are accustomed to using — .com, .net and .edu – will be getting a lot of company next week. On Feb. 4, more top-level domains, which connotes everything to the right of the dot in an online address will be made available. They will be the first of what will […]

WordPress Security Advisory

We are currently seeing a high number of WordPress installations being hacked due to out of date scripts, plugins, and themes. The folks at WordPress are very good about releasing fixes whenever they hear about a new exploit. Please take some time to check your installations and update everything noted in your WP admin panel […]

Domain Names Continue Grow in 2011

Latest Domain Name Industry report shows 8.6 percent year over year growth Quarter after quarter, the domain name business continues to grow. Verisign’s second quarter 2011 domain name study reported that there were 5.2 million new domain names added in the second quarter of 2011. On a year-over-year basis, the second quarter growth is an […]

DNSSEC finally goes mainstream

DNSSEC, a more secure version of the internet domain name to IP address lookup protocol, was enabled on the .com top-level domain on Thursday. The move by VeriSign, the operator of .com, marks an important milestone in the adoption of the technology, now accessible to 80 million registered domains. The internet’s root servers at the […]

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