PHP Versions update on LINUXWALA Servers

Dear Valued Customer,

We’re writing to inform you of an important change in your server’s default configuration that may affect your websites, including those of any of your resold accounts. We will be updating the default version of PHP on LINUXWALA servers

We have attempted to automatically check the compatibility of your accounts. Please bear in mind that you may circumvent any of these results by manually configuring your desired PHP version utilizing the instructions in this email’s FAQ section


1) Why are you making this change?

The default version of PHP that our servers are currently utilizing (PHP 5.2) has been deprecated for some time. As such, we would like to see your sites enjoying the security and performance benefits of the newer versions of PHP which we already have available on your server.

2) How can I make sure my sites will work?

While we are taking every possible step to try and automatically assign the right version to all of your scripts, we do want to ask you to please login into your cPanel and test all of your sites using PHP 5.4 yourself.

The default behavior of your account is for PHP settings to be inherited by sub-directories. That means that you can quickly test all of your site’s compatibility with PHP 5.4, by setting the PHP handler of your home directory (public_html) to PHP 5.4. Then simply test your websites by opening them in your browser. We have added an easy to use plugin to configure your PHP version to your cPanel, follow these steps to use it:

* Login to your cPanel

* From the home page locate the “Advanced” box and click on “PHP Configuration.”

* Select “PHP 5.4” from the drop-down menu and leave the default directory, click “Update” to submit the changes.

* You should see a confirmation message that reads: The “.php” file extension will be processed by PHP 54 for this account.

* You may now visit your websites and check for any issues or visible errors. If your sites function normally it means your sites are compatible with PHP 5.4 and you will not need to perform any other steps from this point.

* Alternatively, If you do notice issues with your sites while using PHP 5.4, you can revert to PHP 5.2 by follow the above provided steps and choosing PHP 52 from the menu. Our upgrade process is set to honor the handler settings you choose.

Please Note: Selecting “No Custom Handler (Sys Default)” means you’re electing to utilize whichever version of PHP the server is set to use. While PHP 5.2 is currently the system default version, once the upgrade is complete, the default version will be PHP 5.4. Thusly, if your applications require PHP 5.2, you will want to make sure to specifically select the “PHP 5.2” option.

3) Will my site’s experience any down time?

The switch between PHP versions is a simple text change in your .htaccess file. There is no maintenance which must be performed on the server itself. However, applications that are not compatible with PHP 5.4 will fail to load properly if they have not had the correct version of PHP set. While we will make every effort to automatically perform compatibility checks for each account and set the appropriate handler, it is imperative for you to double-check compatibility.

4) Who can help me update my site/script to use a newer version of PHP?

While we can assist you with changing the version of PHP your script utilizes, we will not be able to recode your site to be compatible with newer versions of PHP. You should contact the script’s author/developer to inquire as to whether or not they can or plan to re-design their code to utilize latest versions of PHP.

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