.pro domains now available @ aalpha NET India !

We are excited to announce that .PRO, the exclusive TLD for professionals, has been added to our product offering with one of the best promos we have this season

Book it here : http://control.aalphanet.com

What is a .Pro domain name?

A .Pro domain name is the first and only top-level domain exclusively for business owners and professionals of any type. It is a domain indicating professionalism and credibility, and includes authentication and verification. .Pro domains are available to all business owners and professionals, regardless of industry, country or organization. Any business can register a .Pro domain. As long as you have a business or profession specific license, you are eligible to register a .Pro domain.

Why .PRO?

In a world that demands Professionalism and Credibility, a .PRO Domain helps strengthen brand
authentication. You can now offer your customers .PRO Domains as the perfect accompaniment to boost their professional stature.

Trust in the business world is difficult to establish. A .Pro domain gives additional credibility and confidence to your business as only registrants that are in good standing with their licensing entity are permitted to register a .Pro domain.

.Pro is also one of the fastest growing new gTLDs but there are still thousands of high quality .Pro domains available for immediate registration. If you already own your name as a .com or .net, make sure you lock in the .Pro version before someone else gets it. Once it’s registered, it becomes very difficult to get it.

Who can register a .Pro domain name?

All business owners and licensed professionals are able to register .Pro domains.

What information will be required from me to register a .Pro domain?

Registering a new .Pro domain is as easy as registering any of the other popular domains such as .com. You will simply provide your business or profession type when prompted by us, in addition to the usual contact and name server information required to register a domain name. Please Note: The .Pro Registry reserves the right to randomly request additional licensing information associated with Registrants from time to time.

How will the Registry review the eligibility of registrants in the .Pro domain?

What distinguishes the .Pro TLD from other domain extensions is its unique registration requirement. RegistryPro will require that registrants self-certify with their registrars that they are business owners or professionals who are licensed and meet the requirements of their profession and jurisdiction. The .Pro Registry reserves the right to randomly request additional licensing information associated with Registrants from time to time.

Is this a real-time registration?

Yes, once you submit your order, your registration information is sent to the registry to be processed immediately in real-time. We provide the registry with your self-declared business or professional type as part of the registration process on your behalf.

Is .Pro available in my country?

Yes! .Pro registrations are available internationally.

I received a notification that additional information is required from me. What do I need to do?

.Pro domains are subject to random verifications checks for professional eligibility from time to time. The registry occasionally asks us to provide them with additional licensing information from you such as date and status of license, name and jurisdiction of licensing authority. Simply follow the instructions listed in the email notification. If your license information is no longer valid, we will work with you to update the information provided to the registry within the time frame given. If you cannot provide updated information, your domain may be suspended until your license information is correctly updated to ensure your eligibility to maintain an active .Pro domain.

What is the minimum character restriction for second-level .pro domains?

All second-level .Pro domains must be a minimum of 4 characters long. The maximum character length is 63 characters.

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