Websites Are No Longer Optional by Roger Theron

In today’s world, where our environment is technology rich, it is fair to say that a website is no longer an optional extra if you’re running a company. Every day more and more people are moving online for their personal and business needs, making a website a good investment for your business, whether it is to boost clientele, brand awareness or as a medium to engage with existing customers.

Websites should be an extension of your company. The look, tone and feel of your website should remind visitors of your company.

When asking a web agency to create your site you should be able to arm them with all information they’ll need in order to portray your organisation accurately. When presenting your services or products online, you need to be extremely clear and make sure that your customers will not misinterpret your offering. Be honest and open – there is no quicker place to be found out than on the web.

It is important to remember, when creating a website, to add your company’s contact details. Potential customers will want to know how they can reach you if they are interested in your product or service. This is a great way to get feedback and learn about your customer’s needs. You will be able to see where you can improve and what is working for you. People like to feel that they are being listened to, so you’ll be pleasing your customers and learning what they think of your product or service.

Another important aspect, and possibly the most important, is the content on your site. Your website will be accessible to anybody, so you need to make sure that your content is relevant and understandable to your target market.

Interactive websites offering forums and comment boards are more effective than websites that don’t have these features. A great company website that truly represents your business should take everyday company practice and integrate this into the website, for example, if your company is a furniture franchise then your website should feature a catalogue on all available furniture items and the exact size and colour of items. You’ll need to turn your online visitor into a potential customer, so you’ll need to replace all the elements of the sales rep in your furniture store. Failing to provide adequate business services on your website is a waste of your website, and your online investment will not achieve its full return potential.

A common shortcoming on company websites is neglecting to add the company logo on every page. A prominent display of the logo on each page creates a professional image. Also don’t forget to add the “Directions” page and “Store Locater” to your company website, so that you can give potential customers directions on how to find your business, the easier you make it for them the quicker they will land on your doorstep.

These days the corporate world is extremely competitive, so having an online existence is vital. By not having an online presence your business misses out on 100% of the online business you could’ve had. Instead of going through the Yellow Pages for hours, people are now able to search for businesses online which makes things that much easier.

The internet is the most immediate communication and information medium; therefore no business can afford not to have a company website – countless prospects await you online.

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