What domain names Pepsi and others bought

Pepsi bought a domain name for one of its sodas and other end user domain purchases.
Sedo reported $1.6 million worth of domain names sales for the week end ending January 19. Here are a dozen that involved end users, including Pepsi.
You can see previous end user sales reports here.
FederalCreditScores.com $17,950 – One Technologies, which services the direct-to-consumer credit monitoring industry.
Sym-Tech.com $816 – Sym-Tech, which provides services to car dealers and uses Sym-tech.ca for its web address.
MangoSlice.com $2,495 – Pepsi bought this for its Mango Slice soda. It is sold in India.
Carousel.us $3,557 – Marksmen acquired this for a client.
DiamondsFactory.com $11,000 – UK diamond seller DiamondsFactory.co.uk.
VivaIndia.com $1,000 – Travel agency VIVA India, which uses VivaIndia.org.
MicroKickboard.com $1,400 – Kickboard USA, a scooter company.
AskAnyone.com $3,750 – Magical Technology, LLC, which runs a site called YouAskAnyone.com. You submit a debate you’re having with someone and the community decides who is right.

DoubleLRanch.com $2,695 – The Double L Ranch, LLC in Freedom, Wyoming.
HempPowder.com $2,395 – Hempro International, a marijuana consulting firm. I’m seeing lots of related domains selling recently given the news about legalization.
Peaked.com $4,000- app developer Inertia Lab.
FDNH.com $5,000 – Foundation HealthCare in Oklahoma City bought an abbreviation.

– See more at: http://domainnamewire.com/2014/01/27/what-domain-names-pepsi-and-others-bought/#sthash.R9XkkPfL.dpuf

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