Web hosting and what makes a good webpage? by Ronald Kresten

Selling over the internet these days is big business and all e-commerce entrepreneurs need to have an attractive and serviceable webpage that is not only easy on the eye but functional and easy for customers to use, plus a good web hosting company to ensure that the webpage runs smoothly.

A good webpage is all about sound navigation, so the layout of a web page is all important. First and foremost decide what the key elements to your web page are. A web page does not need to be cluttered with superfluous detail and should be as simple as possible. Only use two fonts; one for headings and the other for text. Use spaces on the webpage sensibly to allow customers to take in information quickly and logically. Be careful when deciding on your colour palette, and choose ones that don’t clash. Make sure the text you want your customers to read is clear and don’t place it over background images where it can’t be read easily. Finally, be careful of the layout and make sure it is balanced and fills the page well.

Customers need to find what they want quickly. There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than getting lost up blind alleys. You should use plenty of hyperlinks but make sure they link sensibly and logically to what the customer would expect. Title pages should be straightforward. Make sure information on your page is updated regularly. Anchor long documents so customers can target particular bits rather than have to trawl all the way through, and make sure your content is accessible and is not hidden inside other technologies which will be missed by search engines.

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