Types of Web Hosting by Stella Pike

It is critical to understand various types of web hosting service. As web hosting market is grown-up and thousands of web hosting companies offer hosting service on different platform. So, hosting companies have distinguish hosting package in few distinct categories like.

* Shared Hosting
* Co-located Hosting
* Virtual Hosting
* Managed Dedicated Hosting
* Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting
* Reseller Hosting
* Free Web Hosting

Shared Hosting:
Shared hosting is widely used among all plans. In shared web hosting a server space is shared with other clients of the hosting company. Hosting company manages the whole server to give their client guaranteed uptime, hardware maintenance, and software. Shared hosting is a type of cheap web hosting as number of sites hosted on same server. Also clients only need to pay for the space they occupied from hosting company. The main draw back of shared hosting is that number of web sites hosted on same server so heavy traffic will possibly harm your web site performance. Shared web hosting is good for small and medium size business or organization. Also many companies and organization use shared web hosting plan for back up of their hosting solution.

Co-located Hosting:
Co-located hosting means you have to buy a web server from vendor and place this web server to your host. Hosting company will do the rest of work. Your hosting company plugs your server into their data center where they provide facilities like cage cabinet, internet connection, regulated power, security and support. Good Co-located hosting provider offer technical support and maintenance. Co-located hosting is best solution for ecommerce related sites because this type of hosting dedicatedly server only your site. So, co-located hosting plan brings peak performance.

Virtual Hosting:
Virtual Hosting is also called Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting. Virtual hosting is a powerful feature that hosts more than one site on same computer and IP Address. Many virtual hosting provider offers to host multiple domains, email features, file storage and web site creation tool.

Virtual hosting is a best solution for small scale industries or small business that don’t require excessive bandwidth.

Managed Dedicated Hosting:
Managed dedicated hosting means to lease an entire server from your hosting companies and they offer technical support and manage your server. Managed dedicated hosting is a key for non technical users as hosting company provide full maintenance, uptime guarantee, hardware warranty, security patch update, and support.

Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting:
Unmanaged Hosting is a type of dedicated hosting where user has control on web server. Unmanaged dedicated hosting requires more technical knowledge as user itself have to manage whole server. If you want to lease a web server for unmanaged plan than you must have good command on server administration. Unmanaged hosting requires technical expertise as client need to configure whole server and one small mistake will cause system failure.

Reseller Hosting:
Reseller hosting is a form of web hosting in which hosting company offer their client to purchase web space and allow them to resell allocated space and bandwidth. Reseller Web Hosting Provider must require little knowledge of web hosting service to get started their own hosting service. Reseller hosting provider is not responsible for providing maintenance, technical support and other web service.

When client have some problem in accessing server or downtime than technical support is held by hosting company that host reseller host.

Free Web Hosting:
A web hosting company that offer to host your site at free of cost. Free Web Hosting Company that offers limited features with advertisement or link on the web site. Free hosting also put popup, pop-under, banners or other links for advertising their product. They generate money by the above mentioned ways.

Free hosting providers generally limit your usage of bandwidth, web space, don’t allow mp3, mpeg or zip files. Also they don’t guarantee any uptime and restrict size of files for uploading.

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