Running ColdFusion on your Web Server by: Fusionen Freddal

Designing a Website in ColdFusion

Linux, Solaris, and Windows Servers can run an application called ColdFusion for accessing web pages. A request for web pages is made through an HTTP server in conjunction with a ColdFusion Web Application Server. When a request for a ColdFusion web page is made, the ColdFusion Server assembles the data and sends it back to your web browser.

ColdFusion can help you create and modify variables just like other languages, but it’s not a database language. Program flow controls like IF, Switch Case, Loop, plus many other complicated tasks are made easy with its built in functions. Using ColdFusion makes interacting with your database easier. By using SQL, you can easily retrieve, store, format and dynamically present information on you web page.

If you are comfortable with HTML you will love ColdFusion Markup Language. Many of ColdFusions powerful features like reading from and writing to the server’s hard drive are tag based. Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to write all the JavaScript for your pages? The CF tag CFFORM will automatically build all the JavaScript code to verify required fields before the form submits.

ColdFusion is designed to run on multi-processor machines and store your web sites on a cluster of servers. This helps with the biggest problems web designers have of complex, high volume web sites.

Basically, if you have plans to have a web site built that is more than just an advertisement for your business, ColdFusion enables you to perform many more functions. You can spend a large amount of time building a site and, over the years, adding more ideas and therefore more complexity and more functions.

Many new and powerful features are available for Mcromedia’s ColdFusion MX7. MX7 is the most significant release of ColdFusion within the last ten years. You can create dynamic web pages utilizing some of CodFusion MX7 (13 min.) new features. These features are faster and more cost- effective than many other solutions on the market. They can help you easily create, manage and deploy web applications. Using a single tab, web content can be transformed into portable documents in PDF and FlashPaper formats.

Coldfusion makes it possible to create rich Flash forms in minutes using just a few ColdFusion tags. You can re-skin forms easily across applications. Besides, you can easily interface to SMS text-messaging, instant messaging clients, and other Internet protocols to reach customers in new, exciting ways.

It’s time you explored ColdFusion MX7 and experienced the power that ColdFusion has to offer by browsing code snippets, examining sample applications, and seeing new features in action.

Many of our ColdFusion customers include organizations like Boeing, Goodyear, and Lockheed Martin along with many other organizations, education facilities and government offices. ColdFusion MX 7 is considered to be an incredible release with nearly everything desirable incorporated in the software. With ColdFusion MX 7, you can do more work in less time.

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