New Self Restore Feature in cPanel v.5 (LINUXMELA and LINUXBOOM Servers)

aalpha NET offers many great features for our clients. One of our newest benefits is that we are now providing you with the option to be able to self restore through cPanel. cPanel is the leading web hosting industry software to control your hosting environment. As a cPanel user, you can now access and restore your own backups as long as you are on a shared or Reseller server that is running on v.5 of cPanel.

Recently, additional changes were rolled out that now allows shared and reseller clients to restore files from CDP directly from cPanel. More of our clients will start to notice the enabled icon starting to show on your control panel interface as we continue to add the updates to more of our servers. In order to get started you only need to find the R1Soft icon displayed in your cPanel Control Panel interface.

If you are on a shared hosting or a reseller hosting server then you can currently restore your site in CDPv5. In this version of the control panel you will see the Icon for “R1soft Backup Restore”. The enabled icon will allow you to self restore your site. You can not access this feature from the root but you must see it as a pure cPanel user.

First, Click the “R1Soft Restore Backups” icon in the hosting control interface. The backup management panel will display a list of your data and your potential restore dates. You can view the path to the user data directory by clicking the “+” icon. Once you are in this area you can perform the following actions across the corresponding Control Panel user data: Save, Send Archive to Agent as well as Browse. The browse option will actually allow you to browse the content of the Recovery Point and select the files you want to download or restore.

If you see a limited number of restore points as backup options and you are wondering about the restore points that we keep then please be assured that if the server you are on was just converted over to v5 you will see limited number of restore points. These will be populated as the backups are taken. You should not be concerned because we will keep older backups in v2 until all 5 restore points in v5 become available.

We highly recommend that you access the wiki link which will outline the easy and basic steps you need to take in order to use Backup manager web interface. And of course if you have any additional questions please contact our technical support department and they can assist you with the process. Once you have a familiarity with this process you can gain a whole new level of and independence and control when it comes to restoring your site. Unfortunately, the one drawback is that you will not be able to restore your databases with this newer feature but our support representatives can still perform that task for you.

aalpha NET is continuing to upgrade all of the servers across its fleet with the newest version of the industry leading backup software. Many new upgrades and restoration as well as backup features have been added since the beginning of the year.

We are delighted to bring our customers this new capability. These types of upgrades offer you another way to gain more control over your hosting needs. Once you have a familiarity with this process you can gain a whole new level of independence when it comes to restoring your site and controlling your hosting environment.

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