Picking a Domain Name – Fatal Mistakes to Avoid by Sasch Mayer

It is a fact well known to those who know it well that choosing the right domain name can provide a huge asset to your online business.
Occasionally however, it seems that the hunt for that perfect name leads some business owners to purchase domains which are open to misinterpretation or contain an outright double meaning.

For instance, we’re all used to the large number of ‘finder’ sites which has sprung up in recent years (thepropertyfinder.com, thecarfinder.com, thefriendfinder.com, etc.).
So when we come across a site named therapistfinder.com most of us will initially interpret this as a prime source for finding the nearest rapist, rather than a resource for finding therapists.

This is only a mild example of a double-entendre domain name; it can get much worse.

There once was (and still is) a company in the United Kingdom which specialised in warehouse storage solutions for medium and large businesses.
Having been established under the rather sensible name ‘Cumbria Storage Systems Ltd’ in 1978, the decision was eventually reached to expand marketing efforts onto the internet.

I can only imagine what the debate about the new domain name must have been like:

“Right lads, we need a name for our new web site. It must tell visitors who we are and what we do and it must be short and easy to remember.”

“How about CumbriaStorageSystems.co.uk then?”

“No, that’s far too long, nobody will ever bother to type all that into their web browser.”

“Hmmm… I know, CumbriaStorage.co.uk?”

“Sorry but that one’s already taken and anyway it’s still a bit long and nowhere near memorable enough.”

“I have it! You said it has to be short, catchy and tell the visitor what our company does, right? Let’s call it CumStore.co.uk.

“That is an outstanding idea. What a great name. Here, have a raise.”

Although in all likelihood that is not how it happened, someone somewhere did think that CumStore would be the best possible name to represent the company online without stopping to consider that visitors might read something entirely different into it.

Whilst a quirky or innuendo laden domain name can generate interest and publicity on the internet, there is a fine line between things which have a positive impact and those which can actively harm your business.

Here are a few more domains which may not have been thought through properly:

1. oddsexchange.com
2. powergenitalia.com
3. whorepresents.com

Then there’s one of my all-time favourites, a site which features ‘MP3s and Hits’.
How about mp3shits.com?

The fact is that the selection of a domain name for your new web site is something which needs careful consideration.
So if you’re looking for that perfect name, examine it from all angles to weed out anything which could be seen as, shall we say, counterproductive.

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