.nz Domains Coming up !

.NZ Promotion – Coming Soon!

Following the launch of the .NZ ccTLD and the overwhelming response we received, we are giving you the chance to effectively market this promising ccTLD with over a 60% drop in Pricing!

From the 3rd of February 2010, all .NZ domains (.CO.NZ, .NET.NZ and .ORG.NZ) will be available at an extremely competitive price !

We hope that you take advantage of this special promotion !

Update on Domain Theft Protection
From 3rd February 2010, the Customer Lock feature will be deprecated and replaced by advanced Domain Theft Protection management.

Henceforth, all Customers will be able to disable Domain Theft Protection on their Domains, even if you or your Sub-Resellers have enabled it. By default, this feature will be enabled during the purchase process for all new Domains in the interests of greater control.

Domain Theft Protection links will be visible on the Domain Management console in the Control Panel as well as the Order Details page.

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