Launching IPv6

Important Announcement from our DATA CENTER hosting WINDOWS 2008 server :
Hello, several months back, we started the process of migrating off of our legacy IP space towards our new IP space with the specific objective of not only launching IPv6 but being fully IPv6 compliant from top to bottom.

As of today, we are in the final stages of this process. Our networks are 100% IPv6 ready, and we have developed our own IPv6 module for Hsphere and will be rolling this out shortly. Once we wrap this all up, only those customers using the cPanel control panels will not have IPv6 capabilities yet. Every other customer will have an IPv6 address assigned to them for each IPv4 address they currently have and the 2 protocol (IPv4 and IPv6) will be run side by side until IPv4 is no longer in use. This will ensure that your web services will be viewable by internet users on legacy IPv4 space as well as users on the newer IPv6 space. We expect to be running IPv4 along side IPv6 for at least 10 years, and maybe even longer. We will continue to offer IPv4 addresses until our supply is completely depleted – and we will include a corresponding IPv6 with every IPv4 address we allocate moving forward.

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