How To Earn Back Your $10 Domain Investment Every Time by Nathan Falkne

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to be able to buy a domain name for about $10 from a domain name registrar.

What you do after you buy the domain name is the 64,000 question, because most people have a tendency to not be entirely sure what to do next.

At a minimum, your goal should be to earn back your $10 domain name investment before you have to renew it again in about a year. This isn’t terribly difficult to do, IF you follow my advice.

1) You need to drive targeted traffic to your domain name. That’s critical. No traffic, no money. Sure, you can try to sell the domain name on an auction site, but it’s unlikely that you’ll find any buyers given the fact that you’re probably trying to sell a domain name that’s not really very memorable or notable.

2) Once you start driving targeted traffic to your domain name, you need a way to make money. You should setup a website so that whenever someone clicks on a link containing your domain name, the visitor is presented with relevant advertisements and/or a reasonably relevant product menu. This is typically what I do.

Remember, your goal is to earn at least $10 within 12 months, and that works out to about 0.84 cents PER MONTH!

About the Author

Nathan Falkner recently purchased a decorative foil related domain name and is revitalizing it using the techniques outlined in this articles.

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