.DE Domains are now available !

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At aalpha NET, we always ensure that our Client/Resellers are equipped with the most popular products to expand their business.

True to this objective, we are happy to announce the upcoming launch of Europe’s most popular ccTLDs, .DE & .ES.

.DE domain names use an independent Contact database in the system. Contacts for .DE domain names are listed under .DE Contact.

The following list displays the various types of .DE Contacts listed in our system and how they are displayed in the Whois of .DE domain names:

.DE Contact Type displayed in the System

.DE Contact Type displayed in the Whois

Domain Holder
Administrative or admin-c
Technical or tech-c

Zone administrator or zone-c

The Registrant or the Administrative Contact of a .DE domain name needs to be from Germany. This implies that the country of either of these Contacts needs to be Germany.

The Name field of any .DE Contact can not be modified. If you wish to modify the Name, create another Contact and associate the same with your .DE domain name.

If you have set a Domain (Transfer) Secret Key/Authorization Code for your .DE domain name and then within 30 days and prior to Transferring Away your domain name, if you modify the Registrant Contact details of your .DE domain name, the Domain (Transfer) Secret Key/Authorization Code gets nullified and you need to reset Domain (Transfer) Secret Key/Authorization Code if you still intend to Transfer Away your .DE domain name to another Registrar.

While modifying the Contact Details of a .DE domain name, the .DE Registry checks if the Name Servers used by the domain name contain a Zone for this domain name and the correct NS and A Records.

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