Affordable Web Hosting – Finding The Right Web Hosting Provider by David J. Smith

Finding the right web hosting at an affordable price can be a daunting task. Most common web hosting providers will promise the world and then bring many headaches. Would you like to see your site down for 24 hours or more and receive next to no help from support regarding the problem? This situation is avoidable by carefully considering a web hosting provider before handing over your money.

The largest problem with affordable web hosting providers is support, many web hosting providers that offer the world but for only $1 or $2 per month are only there to provide the hardware aspect of web hosting, at this price point it is simply not possible for them to offer the kind of technical support that you should expect.

The reason most people don’t find the best host that suits their needs is because they fall prey to a seemingly good web hosting plan that they find first before spending the time to research prospective hosts properly. It takes some level of knowledge to find the best web hosting provider for your needs.

In this day and age though it is possible to pay less than $10 per month for web hosting that comes with good technical support and features to cover all your needs.

To be sure you are choosing the right web hosting provider, here are some of the features that the “right” provider will have:

Comprehensive Web Site Statistics: How many visitors is your site getting? What search terms are they using in search engines to find your site? What sites link to your site? All of these things you need to know if your site is business oriented, comprehensive statistics will help to understand your customer base.

Bandwidth: This is the amount of traffic served from your web site per month usally measured in gigabytes (GB), a host that offers more than 75GB per month should cover most sites needs.

Cpanel: This control panel makes managing your Web Site Hosting very easy.

Disk Space: This is the amount of storage space on the web hosting server to store your web site, it is recommended to get a plan that offers at least 5GB of space to cover your needs well into the future.

Finding the right web hosting provider the first time is not too easy without the correct advice and some good research on your part, but in the long run it will save time and money when you choose the right web hosting provider the first time.

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