3 Important Things Before Choosing Web Hosting Provider! by Michael

Here, I will mention to the most important things which you must take in consideration:

1. Bandwidth:

Data transfer is measured in gigabytes. A gigabyte is one billion bytes. Each letter is one byte. Images can take up a big amount of kilobytes, and file downloads can be several megabytes in size. You must logically think of how much bandwidth your website will need. Unless your website has a lot of downloads times, it will be unlikely that you will need many gigabytes of transfer – 10 gigabytes should be very enough. Any more, and you will just be paying extra for something to use.

On that note though, you should be careful and make sure you always have some extra bandwidth, many web hosting providers charge $3.95 and more for every extra gigabyte of bandwidth you use. That can add up very quickly

2. # Of hosted domains allowed:

One of the most important things which must be taken into account when choosing your web hosting provider is the number of websites that allow you to host on a single account, some web hosting companies allow only for one domain per account, some other companies will allow you to webhost an unlimited websites per one account, meanning several aebsites at the expense of one.

If you are serious about your business on the Internet then you must be aware of the fact that you will sooner or later will need to launch more websites to expand your business to high levels. Therefore it is important to take this point into consideration where you will remove the burden of purchasing additional webhosting accounts to host the new websites in the future.

3. Control Panel:

Before you will buy a web hosting plan, you ought to ask the web hosting company show you a demo for the control panel from which you will administrate your web hosting account. Control panel is the place where you can check your website visitor statistics, add or erase email accounts, host additional domains on your account, install scripts and make other nominal changes for your website. Control panel should be easy to use with friendly interface and you should take some time to understand what it is all about before purchasing your web hosting plan.

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