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Picking a Domain Name – Fatal Mistakes to Avoid by Sasch Mayer

It is a fact well known to those who know it well that choosing the right domain name can provide a huge asset to your online business. Occasionally however, it seems that the hunt for that perfect name leads some business owners to purchase domains which are open to misinterpretation or contain an outright double […]

The Keyword Mess by: Brian Queenan

While optimizing your website with good keywords is an important part of your search engine strategy, I do think however, that too many webmasters spend way too much time tweaking it to death. I don’t think that this is a good idea nor do I think that it is beneficial to their website. All that […]

5 Tips When Choosing Multiple Domain Hosting by: Ricky Lim

If you have or are planning to have several domains running on the web, then you should consider getting a multiple domain hosting. Multiple domain hosting allows you to host several domains under a single hosting plan. Most web hosting companies call it shared hosting. The main advantage of multiple domain hosting is it helps […]